Evil Clergymen Make Controversial New Ebook Shine

With the arrival of his new novel, The Rogue Prophet, Ron Houston mastered the art of forcing the readers to examine their own emotional considerations on spiritual beliefs, religious fanaticism and unholy clergymen preying on their flocks. His combination of controversial subject matter with a realistic writing approach makes it impossible to read this book and not examine your own need for or the lack of spiritual guidance. This will cause many religious zealots to squirm in their pews, examine the surroundings of their place of worship and address the true motivations behind the services that are provided in the name of God. Yet, it is all a work of fiction. In a time when we think we’ve seen, heard and read it all, Ron Houston’s, The Rogue Prophet, is an entertaining and important piece of work.

One of the most effective yet difficult challenge of any story crafting, is the ability to give the reader complete information and still surprise the reader throughout. The only way to accomplish this is to write a big story. The Rogue Prophet is a huge story, rich in character development, plot twist, and total entertainment. Ron Houston’s new novel is so well-crafted, that the reader knows what’s happening in the presence of the lead protagonist, Lawrence Garnier as well as what is going on behind his back, while still being slammed into one surprise after another. Almost every character is so developed that the reader feels like the fly-on-the-wall … that’s almost every character. Mr. Houston is very skilled in manipulating the reader, that he certainly saves some of the best surprises for last. By last, I mean that this is the first book in a two book series. Yes, even though The Rogue Prophet is such a satisfying thrill-ride, there are a few major plot twists that make the second book totally necessary. That’s a beautiful thing, because The Rogue Prophet is so entertaining, one book just wouldn’t be enough.

Lawrence Garnier, the youngest of three siblings, is a womanizing alcoholic. He lives at the New Orleans Women’s Mission with his sister who operates it. He has nothing going for himself except that he has a God-given gift of foresight. His ability is severely limited. He believes it to be a curse and the sole reason for his obviously cruel existence. Although, he can see the future of others, he can only see seven days out. This means any out of context flash he gets will either happen between the very next minute or seven days later, but for sure within one week. Worse, is the fact that Lawrence cannot see his own future at all. Because everyone close to him covets his ability for their own selfish desires, he will do anything to suppress or completely rid himself of this talent. this is the basis on which this incredible adventure lies. Because of a horrific, selfish hidden agenda of his brother, Lawrence falls into the evil clutches of Bishop Ezekiel Barnes who is everything but holy. This fire and brimstone preacher, dominates his church members through blame, guilt-ridden sermons and unsavory tactics of any bootleg operator for effect and money.

The Rogue Prophet, is an epic masterwork that consistently grows into an eventual boiling pot of good verse evil. Author Ron Houston, continues his track record of dealing with controversial social issues head on, which raises his most entertaining novel to date to thought-provoking levels. The Rogue Prophet, stares taboo topics such as, child abuse, religious fanaticism, drug abuse, power and money straight in the eyes.

Even when the reader wants to look away, you can’t because you are completely attached to the characters. You care what happens to these people, even the evil ones. The Rogue Prophet, is latent with tragedy and tempered with humor, making Mr. Houston’s work nothing short of brilliant. The Rogue Prophet, is a novel that is engaging, provocative, relevant and right on time. Just when you thought it was safe to believe.

The Rogue Prophet is available at Smashwords.com

Book page to sample or purchase The Rogue Prophet: http://smashwords.com/b/120887

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